CM Bait Boat Hull XXL

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Carp Madness XXL

CM Bait Boat Hull XXL

You have the option to buy an original hull of our boats XXL:

Catamaran form with third fin to stabilize the back, therefore low center of gravity, optimum water situation in wind and weather Openings for lights and voltage indicator already milled

61 x 41 x 20cm single mega Bait boxes in the middle: 4 liters volume (Bait, buoys stones, etc.) can also be divided on two separate controlled chambers Propellers are installed concealed, cabbage protection is provided

Hull and cover made of 5mm ABS, glued, (damage can be easily repaired) optimal fit of the boat, as entire production was performed on CNC equipment Both parts are connected by bonding (in addition can be riveted) developed CAD systems all complete complete body, comprisingly made in Germany

Scope of delivery:

Upper and lower shell includes 2 inspection cover, Color "Black Bad Look" or "Carbon 3D" herb protection Digital voltage display including cover Optional accessories: Food flap Dimmable lighting system complete including relay handle Motor and battery holder, gravity is balanced Installing Easy!! Release clutch incl servo

Optional sonar:

Humminbird RF15e with 250m or 500m range Color sounder Elite

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