Carp Madness Bite Indicator Wireless Set 300 m

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Bite Indicators

Carp Madness Bite Indicator Wireless Set 300 m

You can purchase a set of 3 in traffic lights here. Similarly, the purchase is a 4 Bite indicator in BLUE possible.

This automatically turns on the 4th free LED on the receiver ... You can also set equal to a 4 he buy from us, please go to our store or write to us. In part, with the similar-looking bite alarms the illusion connection not active, which means the socket for plugging the illuminated Swingers is disconnected.

With our Carp Madness Digital illusion of connection works, of course ... Just wireless bite indicator of the latest generation ... But judge for yourself ... High Tech 3 +1 Wireless bite alarm set (BLue) with a minimum range of 300 meters at this incredible price.

Following three parameters can be set: volume, tone, and sensitivity control, pleasantly light diodes 256 different digital broadcast channel settings, switchable blue night light and much more. This receiver has the following receiver diodes: 4 LEDs (red-yel 1523;Carp Madness Bite Indicator Wireless 300 m
This is about the individual in our bite alarms set digital. This automatically turns on the fourth diode of the receiver. The color is blue and fits into a traffic light - and a blue set. Because of the digital coding, it can not overlap with another or same models.

Simply choose from the 256 possibilities.

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