Carp Madness Digital Bite Indicator Blue Set 300 m

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Bite Indicators

Carp Madness Digital Bite Indicator Blue Set 300 m

You can purchase a set of 3 in blue here.

Similarly, the purchase is a 4 Bite indicator in BLUE possible. This automatically turns on the 4th free LED on the receiver ...
You can also set equal to a 4 he buy from us, please go to our store or write to us. In part, with the similar-looking bite alarms the illusion connection not active, which means the socket for plugging the illuminated Swingers is disconnected. With our Carp Madness Digital illusion of connection works, of course ... Just wireless bite indicator of the latest generation ... But judge for yourself ...
High Tech 3 +1 Wireless bite alarm set (BLue) with a minimum range of 300 meters at this incredible price.

Following three parameters can be set:
volume, tone, and sensitivity control, pleasantly light diodes 256 different digital broadcast channel settings, switchable blue night light and much more.

This receiver has the following receiver diodes: 4 LEDs (blue).

Processed super clean, classy black aluminum case in a noble exclusive: Soft touch, exclusive, black velvet-like coating by a baked powder coating is extremely scratch resistant and durable. Better you can not really protect the bite indicator. Carrying case made of aluminum with 4 holes for a possible 4 blue bite indicator (optional). Equipment Bite Indicators: 300m range guaranteeing Three parameters can be sensitive in every bite indicator: Volume (from very loud to mega quiet) Tone (pleasant low to high) Sensitivity control (short-line deduction more) Battery

Warner signal is at low battery Speaker Flashlight great look by flashing blue light in the speakers To circumvent digital technology in the form of 256-channel programming options to interference Battery (9V battery) without cable and connector, simply changing the battery Extremely low battery consumption (continuous operation with blue Nachlicht about 3 Monate/24Stunden), battery lasts so much longer Hi 2 LEDs per light bite alarm approximately 13 seconds, the LED light up when a signal after Solid stainless steel screw with special quick lock screw Extra water-resistant protected by circumferential special gasket between the 2  pieces Socket for Illuminated swinger swingers for many common

Dimensions: Height 9cm (without thread), width 4.8 cm, depth: 4cm Water repellent properties: Through special coating (all-round sealing) protected electronic (super water-proof), well tested and proven even in schoenefeld lengths of continuous rain

receiver: Range of the system at least 300m

Speaker with Flash Light as bite alarms, super great effect (blue diodes mitleuchten the bite in speakers) Two parameters can be adjusted doses: volume (from very loud to very soft) and sound (pleasant low to high) 4 Hi-Vis LED's (Blue) By special PU coating (all-round sealing) protected electronic Warner battery at low voltage with LED Removable belt clip, practical walking Operation by 9V battery, without cable and connector Receiver can be set extremely loud Again, Super low battery consumption
Height 10.5 cm (without antenna), width 5.5 cm, depth 3cm Dimensions of the box are fine length x 28cm width x 21cm height 6cm. A fourth BLUE bite indicator can also be purchased. This automatically turns on the 4th Diode on the receiver! Delivered in a noble, padded aluminum case!

Compare the radio system to other "similar" looking bite indicators. You will notice the difference immediately. For example, the sealing of the fittings on the rear sides of the device as well as the colors of the device housing. Similarly, the black soft rubber coating, absolutely sensational .....

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