Catfish Rod Cat Unlimited Boatrod

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Catfish Rod Cat Unlimited Boatrod

We have invested a lot of time and know-how in these rods to meet the ever-growing catfish in Europe meet.

It was previously well equipped with 250-300 gr rods, so we have made the experience that it requires in borderline situations a "clear extra" backbone to drill fish beyond the 2.20m reasonably can.

This 150-400 gr rod has managed to cover us a wide range of fishing, which agree-like continuous parabolic action allows it to have a huge fun and a really great, regardless of whether or Germany, Italy, France with all catfish sizes Spain to have the perfect device. This is unique in our opinion.
You will be surprised how sensitive and powerful at the same time, these rods. An enormous backbone guarantees maximum safety to the brute escapes the catfish to catch. With this rod, we have a variety ausgedrillt catfish over 90 kilograms in some difficult situation in Spain. Gigantic forces here on the blank and guides.

Even after several months of testing, we could not find any fish material fatigue.
This was confirmed once again the selection of components. An absolutely fantastic rod with a very high quality facilities for the professional who wants to have the perfect rod for all situations. Designed according to the latest cognitions Catfish fishing. As with all our products you will love the quality and fine finish.

Technical features:

with several tons of high-density carbon fiber composite blank, the special geometry of the braid does not allow fatigue of the fibers as they are not able to stack up against each other.
Discussions with aviation engineers have helped here, as the wings of a large jet in a similar manner to bending stress. Blank black, repeatedly painted the entire surface high glossy transparent specially selected high quality SIC guides for braided lines Heavy metal reel seat to ensure a secure fit the role Pull - Over thrust link, in addition wrapped and painted black / SILVER bonds of the rings define the exquisite design, repeatedly painted and sealed with a two-component paint divided Duplon / cork grip combines the advantages of both materials in a rod
Casting weight: 150 - 400 gr, length 2.70 m

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