CM Wireless Sonar Rebuild Kit Smartcast RF 15e or PiranhaMax

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CM Wireless Sonar Rebuild Kit Smartcast RF 15e or PiranhaMax

In this auction we offer to you to rebuild your sonar.

Send us your SmartCast, we build on a retrofit kit or to build it into one of our hulls.

Thus, to use your old sonar for the opportunity. The Sendei is almost completely re-built anyway, and it does nothing when the battery of the egg is broken. Important it is that we only rebuild the European eggs. Specify with 10 mW or 700 mW amplifier XLS, when ordering.
Technical characteristics of the finished sounder: the sonar is completely rebuilt and modified by us, so we increase the range with or without using an amplifier of normal is 30 m. above 250 m and 500 m the battery of the egg is of course to change the egg therefore no longer needs to be thrown away when the batteries are empty the sending unit can be installed iin almost any bait boat from the inside *
The sonar by means of a switch on and off automatically, when the sending modul works, a control LEDs flash some competition boats "Made in China" is not reset the electrics, here we recommend the use of 700 mW amplifier XLS.

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