PortableSigh Quality Solar Power System with Case

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Bait Boat Equipment XXL

PortableSigh Quality Solar Power System with Case

High quality portable solar power system in case

Simply open and current flows free. Ideal for charging the lead-acid batteries, both for the boat as well as for the car with the included plug for Cigarette-Lighter (car).
Of course, perfect for camping, garden house, cottage, etc. Due to modern thin-film technology, the system works even in overcast conditions.
The built-in blocking diode prevents reverse current flow at night. A blue LED indicator lamp lights up when electricity is produced. Features of case: Magnetic lock prevents accidental unfolding folding hood supports simplified positioning 2.5 meter cable including adapter Battery terminals, plug and socket for cigarette lighter including cable to be able to load 2 pcs 6V batteries simultaneously integrated blocking diode and charge indicator light


Nominal voltage: 12 V, 6 V lead-acid batteries must be connected in series Working voltage: 17,5 V Power: max. 1100 mA/12 V, 13 Watt, up to 104 d / W (watts per day) Dimensions: 52 x 38 x 4 cm (closed) Weight: 5 kg

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