Bait Boat Wireless Sonar Smartcast RF 15e 250m or 500m

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Bait Boat Wireless Sonar Smartcast RF 15e 250m or 500m

Meanwhile our SmartCast sonar are known and loved throughout Europe, the first conversion run since 2000 without problems

The question is often asked of us, which sonar is the best food for a boat, a 350C color sounder or a SmartCast RF 15e. As always advise our customers on a SmartCast recourse. Why? The color sounder is not "come into the world" as a radio sounder but as a permanent installation with a cable connection to the encoder.
This sonar is subsequently converted by only a European company on radio, the display quality is not that of the fixed installation, since not all data such as Temperature or a high-quality gray line can be transmitted.
In our opinion, Grey Line, and the signal quality at the RF 15e is still by far the best on the market. Some customers who had previously used a 350 C fixed installation, were converted by the gray line of the color echo sounder so unhappy that we replaced it with these boats later against an RF 15e.

With our unique 700 mW amplifier XLS there is really no reason not to use the tried and tested Humminbird RF 15e.

For us, clearly the first Choice. Incredible range and security during data transfer. Technical features: it is the European sounder RF 15 with Grey Line, temperature, etc., which is specially modified for use on boats lining the sonar is completely rebuilt and modified by us, so we increase the range of normal 30 m to 250 m to 500 m + + or It is the European version, not as often in the other, the American version is not legal the very large monitor provides a detailed insight into the underwater world including soil the sending unit can be glued from the inside in almost any boat the sonar by means of a switch on and off when the Sendei works, a control LED lights. you should consider the quality of the technical components of your boat, do not know exactly fodder such as with "Made in China" we recommend our 700 mW amplifier XLS. This works on almost all boats.

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